Product Range

Product Range

Our mission is to be a manufacturer of high-quality filter products to meet the needs of both domestic and export market customers who promote the highest level of customer satisfaction in terms of quality, timely, delivery and competitive price, and provide satisfactory service.

Our Services

The great variety of products and developments we have developed for you.

Bus Filter

Makers of all bus filter variants

Heavy Equipment Filter

Makers of all heavy equipment filter variants

Truck Filter

Makers of all trucks filter variants

Motorcycle Filter

Makers of all motorcylce filter variants

Being a Partner in your Success

Our success is your success, make us your business partner.

Passenger & Agriculture Filter

Makers of all passenger & agriculture filter variants

We're thriving and building
better products

Research & Development

We are well-furnished with various test equipment for Quality Control and development to create valued product to satisfy customers demand.

High Quality Product

High quality products bring a level of reliability that also reduces maintenance costs and reduce the level of damage to your engine.

Competitive Price

We strive to provide convenient, cost-efficient solutions which in most cases requires a customized approach based on the needs of our customers.